Favorite Gifts for Him

Favorite Gifts for Him

As the gift-giving holiday season approaches, we've prepared some lists of our favorite GRB gifts for everyone on your shopping list!

Are you shopping for your spouse/partner, dad, brother, boss, or even yourself? We've got you covered!


1. Beard Products. Beard Balm and Beard Oil are a must for anyone sporting facial hair, no matter if its a full beard or just a mustache. Well kept facial hair reduces flaky skin, softens the hair, and makes it easier to maintain.


2. Stainless Steel Food Storage. Let him pack his lunch in style, and keep it warm (or cold) until lunch time! Our food storage containers from Black + Blum look great and are all insulated. From the stainless steel water bottle and it's vegan leather strap, to the Thermo Pot with it's screw on cork top, you can't go wrong here.

3. Top Toiletries. For the man who has everything, you can always stock up his personal care items! A year's supply of bamboo toothbrushes? Check. Activated charcoal toothpaste and/or tooth powder? Check. Zero waste dental floss? Check again! Give him the gift of not having to remember to restock his daily essentials! We've even got some great deodorant and Loofah Bar soaps available.

4. For the Coffee or Tea Drinker. Reusable coffee and tea filters make a great gift for anyone who likes to brew their own drinks at home! Available in coffee filters, tea bags, and a Nut Milk Kit that can be used to make his own almond milk or sun tea.

5. Don't Forget the Coffee Cup! Silicone coffee cups from GoSili are dishwasher and microwave safe. The perfect companion for his morning coffee! Lids are interchangeable, so don't be afraid to mix it up!

6. Vehicle Essentials. If he spends any amount of time in the car, we've got some great suggestions! A wet bag can be used for a trash bag to keep his car nice and neat. A car diffuser for essential oils can make diffusing oils super easy! Include some oils to either wake him up on that morning commute, or promote relaxation to help him de-stress on his way home from work.

7. Sore Muscle Relief. Ease tension and help him sooth those sore muscles after work or a workout. This Muscle & Joint Soother comes in an easy to use stick form, and the Muscle Aloe Jelly offers some stronger relief.

8. Hand Care. Jazz for Hands is a great alternative to traditional lotion since it comes in a stick! We also have Coffee Soap that works great for deodorizing after cooking, work, or fishing.

9. Sweet Treats. Snacks are always a hit! We have caffeinated chocolate bars for that afternoon pick me up, as well as Vitamin C infused hard candies, chili mango suckers, and sour (or regular) suckers. Don't forget the allergen-friendly licorice bites!

10. Desk Toys. We have some super cute toys that would make fabulous desk toys! Gift him some Mini Squigz or Mini Cars or Trucks to fidget with during phone calls and to get those creative juices flowing!

And a bonus suggestion from my own husband! He uses an essential oil spray in his office daily to keep things fresh. Make your own with an aluminum spray bottle, any number of essential oil options, and some distilled water. Give it a good shake and spritz the room!


Which gifts will you be adding to your shopping list? Thanks for checking out our top 10 (plus a bonus) gift ideas for him!

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