Potty Learning & Training Pants


Potty. Learning.

It's exciting, it's stressful, and it's a necessary part of parenting. I certainly don't enjoy the process, but do look forward to the day my little one is potty-independent and can wipe themselves! Cora has been learning to use the potty (she's a little over 3 years) for the last few weeks. It's been a bit more challenging than when her brother learned, but it's going well!

I personally prefer waiting until they are about 3 years old, though lots of families start earlier with great success. I just like to know that they can get on the potty, wipe, and pull their undies back up by themselves. I like easy.

It can be tough to jump to something new, and it has taken a little convincing for each child to stop wearing diapers. For Cora, we talked a LOT about how soon she would be too big to fit in her diapers any more. We talked about it for months, so it was a fact that she accepted, and when the opportunity arose, the groundwork was already laid. Bringing her to the store with me every day added an extra challenge we didn't have when Ethan learned to use the potty. We had the perfect opportunity over the 4th of July weekend, with an extended weekend to stay home! Sacrificing fireworks for potty learning is worthwhile, right?! We just needed a few days at home with less distraction to get a solid start.

Of course this was the perfect opportunity to try and compare the two types of cloth trainers we carry! We tried GroVia's My Choice Trainers and Smart Bottoms' Lil Trainers.

GroVia My Choice TrainersGroVia's My Choice Trainers have rise snaps and side flex panels, to help get the best fit without buying multiple sizes. They also have some built in absorbency, and a pocket so you can add a booster for nap or bed time. The GroCool lining inside is designed to allow your learner to feel wetness, which is really important while potty learning!




Smart Bottoms' Lil Trainers come in 3 sizes, and feature a snap in insert, so you can just switch out that insert instead of the whole trainer. They also have several cute prints to choose from!

This being said, the GroVia trainers are my favorite! The side snaps were a must for us, which made it much easier to change out a dirty trainer when the inevitable accidents happened. The GroCool lining made such a difference for Cora, and felt less like she was wearing a diaper. Both solid and liquid accidents were easier to clean up by being able to unsnap the trainer versus pulling it down her legs. (I'm sure I don't have to tell you how not fun it is to drop poop on the floor!!)

We also opted to start with a small potty seat in the living room, for easier access and less running-through-the-house-at-arms-length. We only had to use this for about a week at home before switching to a small seat insert on the regular toilet. If you've been in our restroom at the store, you'll have noticed our special toilet seat with a built-in toddler seat that flips down. We've had a lot of comments on it, and we love it for a little one that has to sit on the toilet! They are easy to find in both seat shapes at local home improvement stores, and definitely worth the investment!

We are about 5 weeks into using the potty now! While accidents still happen, it's been really nice not to change any diapers! Ha!

Do you have any potty learning tips? Share them below!

*You'll notice I don't have any action shots of Cora wearing her Trainers! This is because she refused to let me take any photos of her in them. And so I had to fall back on lovely stock photos. Bodily Autonomy! She's normally very up for pictures and sharing them, but not this time!* 

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