Blessing Moon Herbs - Elderflower Rose Face Cream

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Elderflower is well known for it's amazing benefits to the skin.
From tightening to softening and even reducing rashes, blemishes
and acne. Rose is also pretty well known for its healing abilities
for the skin. It has anti inflammatory properties and is most
commonly used to aid with reducing redness and irritated skin.
Calendula is another incredible gentle healer and has shown to be
extremely beneficial to dry skin and damaged skin. And lastly,
Shisandra berries. I've been obsessed with this plant. I learned
about it years back as an aid in mental health, but also found out
about its incredible antioxidant count that when used topically
and internally has been found to work wonders to aid with healthy,
rejuvenated and vibrant skin.

Ingredients: Raw Shea butter, Cocoa butter, non GMO Emulsifying
wax, Elderflower, Rose petals, Shisandra berries and Calendula
solar infused in Organic Coconut Oil, Hibiscus petals, and
Synergy Natural Preservative (Coconut derived Non GMO
caprylhydroxamic acid, Non GMO glyceryl caprylate and Non GMO
coconut derived glycerin) Rosewater.