SallyeAnder - Blueberry Orange Soap

$ 7.99

For Sensitive Skin, rejuvenating and fresh.

First, we invite you to look at the list of ingredients in our SallyeAnder Blueberry Orange soap: olive oil blend, organic blueberries, and citrus essential oils. Doesn’t this sound luscious? Blueberries have more antioxidants than green tea and are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. We use organic blueberries from local Hudson Valley Farms to supply rejuvenating antioxidants. Then, take a look at this soap, sandwiched between two blueberry layers is a lovely orange layer of skin-brightening organic orange and tangerine essential oils and uplifting organic rosemary essential oil. Finally, take a deep breath of the gorgeous orange/tangerine/rosemary scent. In aromatherapy, the orange essential oil is known for easing anxiety and helping depression. Blueberry Orange Soap smooths your skin and revitalizes your spirits. All that from one long-lasting bar of soap. Amazing. For sensitive skin.

Ingredients: olive oil blend, organic blueberries, orange and tangerine essential oils