Friendsheep - Wool Dryer Balls (Individual)

$ 4.79

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls naturally soften and fluff your laundry by gently tumbling in your dryer. Their movement helps separate your fabrics allowing the heat to better flow between them. This will reduce wrinkles, static cling, and will help you sensibly reduce drying time. All designs are individually needle felted by hand by our talented artisans - no two balls are the same!

Wool dryer balls replace the need for fabric softener. They work naturally by rubbing on clothes. Wool dryer balls absorb water throughout your dry cycle, and then release the moisture when the clothes are dryer to help reduce wrinkles. They can also reduce dry time by 10-25%, so be sure to adjust your dryer settings to avoid static.

Use code FRIENDSHEEP at checkout to build your own 6 pack! Get 6 dryer balls for $28 & receive a free cotton carry bag! *Cannot be combined with any other offer or rewards. Limit one discount per transaction.*

*While it is a common practice, GRB does not recommend the use of essential oils in the dryer, as it may present a fire hazard.*