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Cloth Diaper Try-It Program

We see many parents wanting to try new types or brands of cloth diapers, whether it is because they are looking for a new nighttime solution, something that fits baby better, that another caregiver can use more easily, or just because they are in love with a new print from a different brand. We see you, and we have a new solution!

Introducing the Grassroots Baby Cloth Diaper Try-It Program!

With this program, you can buy a new type of diaper to try, and if you don't like it, we will buy it back from you! (Some exclusions and rules apply, please read through all information on this page)

How does it work?

You buy a new diaper (or two) to try out, keep it for no more than 30 days, and bring it back to us if you don't like it! We will issue you store credit for 70% of the price you paid.* A Grassroots Baby gift card is the *only* payment method that will be given. You are limited to a buy back of two (2) diapers per brand/type per household. (Limit of one (1) package of GroVia or Imagine prefolds, Hemp Inserts, or GroVia Soakers.)


This program excludes newborn diapers (please see our awesome Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental for another option), swim diapers, and training pants. Excludes Last Chance products, resale/used products, products purchased elsewhere, and birthday & holiday prints. This program is meant for diapers only, and excludes GroVia BioSoakers, all disposable liners, diaper creams/balms, wipes, wipe solutions, wet bags, pail liners, and other accessories.


Proof of purchase at Grassroots Baby is required. Pre-approval is required (Please call, email, or message us with what you would like to bring/send back with your order number for reference, so we can be sure your purchase qualifies.) Diapers must be returned to the store for examination in person (you are responsible for any shipping charges, including shipping back to you if diapers do not qualify for buy back. We are not responsible for packages lost in shipping, please be sure to use a shipping service with a tracking number). All diapers must be brought back to us in clean, stain/stink free, excellent condition (free of smoke and pet hair).

Diapers with relaxed elastics, missing snaps, or any other damage, including the use of bleach, bleach alternatives, or other methods of "stripping" (GroVia Mighty Bubbles use being the ONLY exception) will not be accepted. You may email us pictures of your diapers before bringing/sending them in as a preliminary check, but they are still subject to examination upon arrival for approval. Please understand that preliminary approval does not guarantee buy back.

What will we do with diapers we buy back?

Any diapers that are bought back by Grassroots Baby will be resold in our quarterly resale. They will not be available for sale at any other time.



*Price paid equals the price you paid out of pocket. If you purchased the diaper(s) using any rewards points, coupons or sale prices, we will deduct a pro-rated amount from your refund. Our point of sale system does this automatically, no exceptions. Your reward points will be refunded to your rewards account.

**We reserve the right to refuse Buy Back of any diapers for any reason. Abuse of the program will result in being banned from future use.**

Please Contact Us for further details and questions.