COVID-19 Policies & Updates

Grassroots Baby is very excited to announce that we will be reopening for in store shopping as of Tuesday, May 18th! Taking this extra time to reopen will help us to be sure we are fully prepared and to get back into the swing of things (and get through all but those last couple of days of elearning)!

Things will look a little different when we reopen, in our effort to keep both our staff and our friends safe.

-Our hours upon reopening will be:
•Tuesday-Friday, 12-5
•Saturday, 12-4
•Elderly and other high risk shoppers will be welcome each day we are open from 11a-12p

-We will continue to have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes at the entrance and at checkout

-Cloth face masks will be provided for staff members to wear at their discretion

-Doors handles, checkout counter, and other areas of high touch will be sanitized regularly throughout the day

-Tape will be applied on the floor near checkout to designate 6 ft spaces while people wait to checkout

-We will be limiting the number of people in store to two families at a time

-Our play table and demo toys will continue to be unavailable or out of reach of little hands. Please consider carrying or wearing infants and toddlers during your visit

-Parking Lot Pickup and phone orders will continue to be available starting at 11:00am on days we are open.



Staff policies:

As we move on with reopening to in store shopping, we will be taking extra precautions to keep our staff safe and healthy. We will provide cloth face masks to our in store staff, and strongly encourage them to wear these masks during open store hours. All staff members who can work from home will continue to do so. We will also alternate shifts at the store to reduce the number of people in store at all times. 

Staff shall self-assess their health status daily before arriving at work, and will be responsible for alerting others to a necessary change in schedule as a result of any signs of illness. Everyone must be fever free for 72 hours before returning to work. Any sick time accrued during this period will not be deducted from PTO.