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Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Program

We are so excited that you’d like to try cloth diapers! Whether this is your first baby or your last, using modern cloth diapers can help you save money and the environment. And look good doing it! Newborn babies go through 10-14 diaper changes a day, which can add up really fast if you’re constantly buying disposable diapers. Our rental program serves three purposes: (1) The ability to try a wide variety of diaper types to see which style you like best; (2) Determine if cloth diapering is the right choice for your family; and (3) Save money by renting diapers instead of purchasing them.


Cloth diapering itself is pretty simple! Your rental diapers have already been prepped and sanitized. Be sure to gather all of your diaper changing accessories and keep them somewhere handy! A diaper pail or hanging wet bag can be used to store dirty diapers. Cloth wipes and wipe solution should be kept near your changing area (cloth wipes can be washed with your diapers). Please see graphics included with your agreement for washing tips and help choosing your laundry detergent. No special “cloth diaper safe” detergent is needed – most detergents can be found locally. You will also need to use a cloth diaper safe diaper cream; we will include a sample for you to try, and we have multiple options available.


This diaper rental program is only available for non-smoking households. Do not bleach the diapers while they are in your possession. We have already stripped & sanitized them to be ready for your use. We will also include a few packs of GroVia Mighty Bubbles for you to try. Use one per month after your regular wash routine. If you find that you must use non-cloth diaper safe creams, any antibiotic medication, or treat baby for yeast infections during your rental period, please contact Grassroots Baby for any special instructions and use fleece liners to keep build up from occurring on the diapers (these liners can be purchased at Grassroots Baby). This includes A&D ointment, Vaseline, diaper creams with Zinc, Nystatin, and certain prescriptions. We just need to ensure that the diapers are not damaged and can be used by the next baby.

Most of the diapers you receive in your rental will have been used previously. We do take diapers out of rotation once they begin to show wear, and they will be sold as is during our resale events. If you wish to keep any of the diapers you’ve tried (for sentimental reasons or for future babies, or if the diaper has been damaged beyond expected wear and tear) you may do so at a discounted rate (to be determined by type of diaper and length in circulation). You must alert us to diapers you wish to keep at least 14 days before the end of your rental period to give us time to replace them in order to receive the discounted rate.


Grassroots Baby is not responsible for improper use of diapers or diapering equipment, cleaning methods, damage, allergic reactions, or any medical conditions that may result during the rental period. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use and alert Grassroots Baby staff upon return of the rental kit.


Rental period:

Newborn diapers will be available for pickup at Grassroots Baby two (2) weeks before your estimated due date (EDD). We will NOT ship rental diapers, as this is designed to be a local program. The rental period begins on your EDD and extends for 12 weeks. You may deliver diapers back to the store that are clean & dry, no later than 3 calendar days after the end of your rental period, excluding days that we are closed. Diapers may also be mailed back to the store, and must be postmarked no later than 3 days after the end of your rental period (excluding holidays). Diapers may be returned early. Late returns will be charged $10 per day, to be subtracted from the deposit amount. Any diapers that are missing or returned damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be subtracted from your deposit amount at the full retail price of the diaper. If you know you would like to keep one or more diapers, please be sure to let us know at least 14 days before the end of your trial period so we have time to replace them.


Rental Cost:

Our current cloth diaper rental stashes contain identical diaper styles, and are gender neutral. A total fee of $150.00 is due upon reservation of your rental, which should be at least two weeks prior to your due date. This fee includes the rental fee of $75.00 and the deposit of $75.00. Rental fees are nonrefundable and will not be returned to you if you return the diapers early. Your deposit will be refunded to you via store gift card. This gift card can be used to start your One Size diaper stash, or on anything else in the store if you decide that you do not wish to purchase diapers.


You may choose to receive your deposit back via your original payment method at 50% of the remaining deposit amount. Any damaged items, items you wish to purchase, and late fees will be subtracted from your deposit before it is returned to you.


Please Contact Us for availability, questions, and reservations.



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