Resale Events

Join us for periodic Resale events at Grassroots Baby! Please follow us on Facebook & subscribe to our events to stay up to date on Resales. Here's how it works:

-YOU tag & bring in your resale items no later than the Wednesday before each resale day.

-WE put your items out with all the rest and accept payments via cash or credit card.

-WE cut you a check for your portion of the sale and prepare any remaining items for pickup or donation.

-YOU receive your payout check & any remaining items you'd like returned to you the Tuesday following the event.


It's that easy! Tags for your items must include an adequate description (brand, print name, color, size, etc.), price, and your unique 4 digit seller id number. Your seller id number will be the same for all of our resale events. Tags must be written on tan masking tape. A template can be found on the seller agreement. Please email Stephanie at with any questions. You can download the seller agreements for Cloth Diapers here that must be filled out and turned in with your items before the sale. There will be space on this agreement to list all the items you wish to include in the resale.

How much will you receive from your sale?

You will receive 75% of your sale price via check or PayPal when your item is sold at one of our resale events. You also have the option of receiving your payout as a Grassroots Baby gift card! If you choose to receive a gift card payout, you will earn 85% of your sale! All payouts will be available the Tuesday following the sale. Checks can be mailed to you or picked up with your unsold items starting on the Tuesday following each sale. Gift cards will be sent via email.

Do I have to pick up my items after the sale?

If you wish to receive unsold items back after the sale, yes, you must return to Grassroots Baby to pick up your items. Items will be available for pickup the Tuesday following the sale. Any items not picked up within 10 days of the sale will be donated. If you do not wish to receive your unsold items back after the sale, they will be donated for you. You must mark this option on your seller agreement. Cloth diapers and supplies will be donated locally to Share the Love.