Shipping & Sustainability Policies

Here at Grassroots Baby, our sustainability practices don't stop at cloth diapers and biodegradable toothbrushes. With over 500 million packages shipped daily, we know that online orders & shipping are an important area to focus on!

We reduce our impact on shipping by combining orders to ship them in a single package. This means that if you realize right after you placed an order that you forgot something, there's no guilt in placing another order! There's not even a need to ask - if your orders are shipping to the same address, we will package them up together and refund anything extra you paid in shipping fees (including refunding your full shipping fee if both your orders together meet our free shipping threshold). This practice helps us reduce the amount of shipping materials we use as well as reduce the number of packages taking up room on shipping trucks.

Picking up your online orders in store (or curbside) is of course another way to reduce shipping waste! We store all orders pending pickup in reusable, dry erase bins, and offering bags upon request. This goes for in store shopping, too! "Would you like a bag today?" has proven to be one simple sentence that helps us save over 200 bags per month! (And those 15 bonus reward points aren't bad either!)

We reuse as much packing material as possible when shipping orders. GRB is always accepting donations of bubble wrap, compostable packing peanuts, and small shipping boxes. This helps us to keep our shipping costs low so we can offer a low free shipping threshold, as well as reducing waste in the shipping stream. Compostable packing peanuts are made from corn and/or wheat, and can be reused, composted in your backyard, or dissolved in water. We also save bubble wrap & larger air bubbles, as well as boxes, from shipments we receive.