VIP Program

Introducing our new VIP PROGRAM!

This program is designed for our most frequent shoppers, and includes several exclusive benefits:

  • Welcome Package: All VIP members will receive a free gift package once each quarter with freebies & samples!
  • Early access to *some* new products & sales (excludes diaper print releases).
  • Free shipping on orders not already discounted.
  • BONUS reward points!
  • Sneak peeks at new products & insider information.
  • Membership in our exclusive VIP Facebook chat group! Grassroots Baby - The VIP Group!
  • Exclusive discounts!

Our VIP program is determined on a quarterly basis. After each quarter (ending in March, June, September, & December), those with qualifying purchase history will be invited to our exclusive VIP Facebook group. Eligibility will be redetermined quarterly.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Total Net Quarterly purchases of $500 or greater.
  • This is purchases made from the same email address, excluding rewards used, returns, shipping, and sales tax.
  • Membership in our Facebook chat group: Grassroots Baby - The Mud Room. (This is in addition to our VIP Group!)
  • Other requirements will be added as necessary.


Grassroots Baby reserves the right to make exceptions and changes as management sees fit. Benefits and requirements will be reevaluated on a quarterly basis.