PicassoTiles - 60 Piece Glow-in-the-Dark Tile Set

$ 47.99

DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG - No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired. PicassoTiles in colossal styles. The 60 Piece Glow in the Dark Tile Set can be assembled either as a stand-alone magnet tile set or in conjunction with other PicassoTiles magnetic tile sets.

BONDING BY PLAYING - Entertaining for single or multiple parties. Feel the sense of achievement together. A great way to spend family time is by playing. PicassoTiles Magnetic Tile sets are made for toddler pretend play, educational purposes, and more. Easy to construct and put away for storage.

Features: For optimal glow results, you may charge this product directly under the sunlight for 2-3 hours. The glow-in-the-dark feature will last longer if you do not expose this product to intense heat or direct sunlight for longer than 3 hours.

In The Box:

  • large square x 4
  • square x 24
  • equilateral triangle x 18
  • right triangle x 8
  • isosceles triangle x 6

Suitable for all ages 3 and up.