Awake - Caffeinated Chocolate Bars (Dark Chocolate Mint Bites)

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The Awake Effect

Consuming one piece of AWAKE has been known to inspire activities such as reading a news magazine cover-to-cover; formatting a fussy spreadsheet; washing a medium-shaggy dog; writing two insightful blog posts; playing a particularly festive game of Hearts; or perhaps introducing yourself to your latest crush.  Consumer two pieces of AWAKE, and you are ready for serious action.  Symptoms may include: building a log cabin from trees you felled yourself; inventing a new dance performed entirely on your hands; or--in some cases-- leading the entire world in a harmonious song of love and peace.


Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate; sugar; cocoa butter; soy lecithin as an emulsifier; natural vanilla extract), caffeine, vegetable oil, mint oil, coconut oil, natural flavoring.
Contains: Soy. May contain milk, tree nuts, or peanuts.
*GRB is not responsible for chocolate that melts during shipping. Please use caution when ordering for shipping during warm weather. We WILL put chocolate in a plastic bag inside your shipment.*