BALM! Baby - Fresh Out of the Tub

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BALM! Baby FRESH out of the TUB Baby Wash/Shampoo Gentle.Safe.Fresh

  • 9oz / 280ml Recycled Aluminum with white pump
  • Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
  • Organic and Natural, Hand Made in the USA
  • Doubles as a Bubble Bath!  For Sudsy Fun, Add 4-8 squirts and 8oz. to recycled Foaming Pump!
  • Baby Safe (Not a tear free wash - avoid contact with eyes)
  • Vegan & certified cruelty FREE!
  • No perfumes, dyes; ALL natural ingredients
  • Great for babes with sensitive skin!  Moisturizes skin, helping with eczema!

  • We encourage using these refills to refill your bottles, and reuse any plastic sprayers, in an effort to reduce waste.

    Directions: Use on that sweet little babe of yours!  Suds up your little one's body and hair, then rinse thoroughly. To conserve, Add 4-8 squirts of our fresh out of the tub and 8oz of water to recycled Foaming Pump.  No foam pump?  No worries!  Pump 1/2-1 squirt into a wash cloth or puff and wash away!

    Ingredients: ELEVATED's special baby formulated liquid castile soap (using fresh,  organic, raw, virgin macadamia nut oil & coconut oil, and essential oils of lavender or orange).