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# Baltic Amber - GRAB BAG

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Amber grab bags are here!!! These bags contain a variety of colors and sizes, at a great discount! You choose the size, but the color is a surprise until it arrives! (They are already packaged up - so we won't know the color either!)



Baltic amber has been used for generations to alleviate pain and inflammation. It is a popular teething remedy!*

Our necklaces come straight from Lithuania, where Baltic Amber is known to wash up on the beaches. They are knotted between each bead, to ensure that if the necklace were to break, beads would not scatter everywhere. They use a plastic pop clasp.

The raw (unpolished) baroque beads in our youth size necklaces are rounder, without being entirely uniform. Each necklace is different, each with its own character. Over time the amber will take on a more polished look from wear. Keep in mind, the amount of succinic acid varies by bead, not by color. So choose a color you love!


Why buy your Baltic Amber from Grassroots Baby? We import all of our necklaces directly, eliminating costly distributors and middlemen. We have our amber jewelry tested at an independent, CPSC compliant laboratory in the USA to meet all safety requirements for children's necklaces (for ALL ages). Don't just think your amber is safe, KNOW that it is!

We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our amber jewelry! This warranty covers manufacturing defects only, and does not cover broken amber beads, normal wear & tear, or excessive force or damage. 

*Any warranty claims on grab bag pieces will be issued Store Credit for the original purchase price. We cannot offer exchanges on grab bag items.*


Please remember: Amber necklaces are NOT meant to be chewed on! Amber is a natural resin, and will chip or break. Should the amber break, watch output for amber chips. Use under adult supervision - you should remove necklace at night or any other time when your child will not be directly supervised. Also remove necklace at bath time and in pools.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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