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Bijou Wear - Blast Remix

Bijou Wear - Blast Remix

$ 170.00

Blast Remix. It looks like broken records. Crossed with spin art. Woven into something outrageously cool in a very rock-and-roll sort of way. Who says babywearing precludes you from wearing sunglasses at night?! (Just don't trip and fall : )

Why "Remix"? Blast is something of a throwback design for Bijou, and this rich gray color is achieved in part through the re-use of Blast LP black TENCEL® yarn, mixed in the unique-to-Bijou blend EcoCel with recycled Eco2cotton® and an undyed standard cotton warp in this strong jaquard woven wrap and ring sling.

The pattern of Blast's tiled squares are filled with radiating streaks of color, some solid, and some a lighter tint due to changes in the weave. The variations look great in both bunched and spread passes. 

Blast Remix offers rockstar moldability and fantastic drape with interesting nubby texture. This is a fabulous cushy wrap that does not sag with big babes and toddlers. Its significant softness upon first wash and wear also makes it lovely for use with little babies as well. 

Eco2cotton® yarn is made of recycled cotton products -- think of the cuttings that would otherwise fall to the floor at a t-shirt factory. What a fabulous idea! 

TENCEL® is a fiber made from sustainably harvested trees. It behaves like wool's low-maintenance cousin ... cozy and smooshy in hand like wool, but machine washable.

The color varies in different light. These photos represent the range of looks that Remix achieves, but despite these efforts the color may be different in person than it appears on your screen.

Ring slings are made to order. They feature a floating gathered shoulder, which makes it possible to wear them on either shoulder. Please specify size in your order and expect a two-week turnaround for your custom sling.

Slate SlingRings are used for the floating gathered shoulder on the ring slings.

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