Blessing Moon Herbs - First Aid Salve

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This Salve is definitely one to have on hand during the warmer months when bug bites and injury arise more often then we probably prefer. The everything salve 🌱

Lets meet the Plants! Jewelweed is a really special plant and has been used successfully to aid with everything from Shingles, to easing the itchiness and inflammation of mosquito bites, to having been proven to be one of the BEST poison ivy remedies. Now Pair that with the incredible healing and soothing properties of plants like Yarrow, Calendula and Plantain. Plantain is such an incredible gentle healer. It has allantoin which is a big contributor for its skin healing benefits and is excellent for anything from scrapes to bug bites. Yarrow is an incredible plant for overall first aid. It's a healer and has been traditionally used on cuts, scrapes and bug bites for hundreds of years (among many other things!). Comfrey has been shown to aid with cell regeneration which is a must for this healing salve. SeaBuckthorn is another that helps with tissue regeneration and it used for everything from aiding in healing wounds to soothing burns. Tamanu oil has been traditionally used for wound healing as well as other skin issues.