CaaOcho - Mira the Unicorn Teething Ball

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Mira the Unicorn makes her mythical appearance on CaaOcho’s latest teething ball, a brand-new design that not only gives baby a chance to chew, bite and teethe on the raised unicorn shape, but also let’s baby roll, toss and interact with the ball as they age. Let Mira’s magic guide your little one from teething troubles to mythical, animated play with friends.

As a teether and ball in one, Mira the Unicorn teething ball is an interactive, two-in-one sensory and teething toy for your curious little one. Infants and babies who are cutting new teeth will love the durable, raised animal shape of Mira, who protrudes from the ball and offers unique textures for baby to mouth and gnaw on, soothing those sore gums.

When the tough teething times are over, CaaCcho’s teething balls become a favourite plaything, to be bounced, thrown, and caught, developing fine motor skills and engaging in interactive play. This is when raised shape on the ball adds to the fun—watch as Mia magically bounces and veers in wild directions, keeping your little one laughing and guessing. 

Designed in Canada. Made of raw material from Malaysia. Ethically handmade in China.

  • 100% pure natural rubber
  • Certified non-toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosamine-free, food-grade paint
  • Two-in-one toy: teeth and play
  • Promotes sensory development
  • Babies can chew, bite, roll and play, all with one toy
  • Durable, raised animal shape protrudes from the ball for teething and sensory play
  • Textures and shapes to soothe and massage sore gums during teething
  • Bright colours for visual stimulation
  • Contrasting textures for tactile exploration
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
  • Develops a sense of cause and effect and spatial awareness
  • Introduces social development through interactive play
  • Perfectly sized for baby’s hands
  • Takes baby from teething to toddler
  • Fun bounce adds to the fun
  • Produced sustainably and biodegradable