Copper Cow Coffee - Mint Latte

$ 16.99

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Light, refreshing, and alert: our Mint Latte is one cool customer. This one’s guaranteed to wake you up like a splash of water to the face (but in less messy, more delicious fashion, kthx). We fold real organic mint leaves into our Vietnamese blend, which brew straight into your cup for the smoothest of all our coffees. It’s a hit of nature and sunshine all at once.

Is the product biodegradable?

Yes! Each portion of our product is made to be better for the Earth. Your used coffee filter and grounds are perfect to throw in the compost bin and the outer foil of each packet is recyclable!

How is Copper Cow Coffee sustainably-sourced?

We have an active relationship with not only our coffee farmers in Vietnam, but with every step of our supply chain! Our farmers are paid 2x market rate to ensure a higher quality of life and the most delicious coffee we can bring to you. Our farms only use organic agricultural and processing methods - that means no chemicals or pesticides!