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Elevated - Shimmering Body Butter (Tangerine Dream)

$ 15.99

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** Experienced some leaking onto the packaging during shipping**

Shimmer like the Queen that you are!  Our Body Butters are infused with crystals, an herbal blends and include healing butters that will moisturize and pamper your entire body and finish with natural mica for a perfect shimmer on the skin! Use as a daily moisturizer on your entire body and your skin will be thanking you and others will be complimenting you on your new shimmering glow!

Tangerine Dream Shimmering Body Butter
* Exfoliates * Nourishes * Shimmers
Moisturizes and keeps skin youthful!

Shimmer like the Goddess that you are!
Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
Organic and Natural, Hand Made in the USA
Whipped to Perfection!
ALL over Body Butter!
Non-Greasy, Satin Feel!
Smells so good you'll want to eat it!
Helps relieve itching
Comes in Recycled Aluminum

ATT: During Summer/Warm Months, if you order this item, please don't allow it to sit in the heat for long (ie mailboxes, cars, etc.). It is a whipped item, so product may melt and consistency may not be as desirable (although product will still be effective).