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Elevated/Taylor's - Spritz 2.7 oz (Calming Lavender)

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Need a natural alternative to chemical filled air fresheners? Body Spray? Bathroom stinkies? Laundry need freshened up? SPRITZ it!

Scent Therapeutic Breakdown:
Clearing Eucalyptus: Need to clear congestion & stuffiness? Eucalyptus is clearing.
Calming Lavender: Need to help little minds (& BIG ones too!) sleep? Lavender is very calming
Rose Vanilla: Refreshing & Yummy all at the same time! A favorite Body Perfume!

  • Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
  • Natural Room, Car & Body Freshner!
  • Convienent 2.7oz. for on the go & travel
  • Organic & Natural, Hand Made in the USA,USA
  • Perfect for your purse, car or diaper bag
  • Use in bathroom, baby's room, in the car or on your body!
  • Spray on linens for better sleep!
  • Vegan / Nut FREE / Gluten Free
  • Comes in Recycled Aluminum!
  • Cruelty Free (Ingredients & finished products NOT tested on animals)

    Use On those bathroom stinkies, sweaty sheets, unfresh laundry, spraying baby's bottom, or any other odor filled, stuffy area!

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