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Firefly Solar/USB Silicone Waterproof Lantern - Green

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The Firefly™ Lantern by Evergreen is a new, solar-powered and eco-friendly option for all of your lighting needs. Whether you enjoy camping and hiking in the outdoors, need some garden decorations or experience a power outage, Firefly™ will brighten your day. With 4 light options, the solar-powered battery can last up to 8 hours depending on the setting. The Low setting features 25 lumen for up to 8 hours; Bright features 50 lumen for up to 4 hours; Super Bright features 100 lumen for 2 hours and the Flash setting features a 50 lumen of light flashing in what is known as an “SOS” setting or to emulate fireflies in the garden with multiple lanterns. The lantern base is made of a translucent, colorful and nearly indestructible silicone base. Along with the solar panel on top, the Firefly™ can be charged with the included USB cord in just 2 hours! The extremely durable top is made of plastic and features a water-tight seal. The base can be used to carry items like your cell phone or keys while you’re on the go and are easily stored when not in use by folding into itself and being secured with the convenient handle. These lanterns are best when bought as a set to get the full effect of the Firefly™ light in your home or garden.