Innobaby - Bathin' Smart Bath Scrub (Fish)

$ 9.99

Gently scrub, wash and massage with the 100% silicone bath scrub. The texture of this scrub is calming and therapeutic both in and out of the tub-feel the softness. No more stinky wash cloths!

-Great for gently cleaning massaging baby, kids and even "big" kids (adults).
-Provide a gentle massage during bath time before bedtime. Lathers nicely with soap.
-Great as a mess free quiet sensory/fidget toy for kids 6+. Won't damage or stick to anything.
-Double sided. Shorter strands are great for gently cleaning cradle cap. Longer strands work great for lathering and massaging.
-Not just for baby-Mother's with sore breast from breastfeeding can gently massage their breast while in warm bath.
-100% silicone. This scrub is easy to care for and naturally resists mold-it is dishwasher and sterilization safe. Can even put it in boiling water to sanitize.
-Made in South Korea
Product dimensions: 140mm x 72mm x 24mm (5.51in x 2.83in x .94in)