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Layaway for Grace D.

$ 1.00

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This is Grace's layaway purchase. All payments to this specific item will be credited toward her remaining balance. If you are not Grace, but are making a payment for her, please include her name as a note on the order to reduce confusion. Once the item shows 'sold out' the layaway has been paid off and will be shipped asap. See terms below.

  • Thirsties - Pocket (Merry Moose-Mas)
  • Thirsties - Duo Wrap sz 1 (Merry Moose-Mas)
  • Thirsties - Duo Wrap sz 2 (Forest Frolic)
  • Thirsties - Duo Wrap sz 2 (Athropoda)
  • Thirsties - Duo Wrap sz 2 (Ice Blue)
  • Fat Brain - Squigz 2.0
  • Eyelike Stickers - Christmas
  • Eyelike Stickers - Kittens
  • Re-Play No Spill Cups (Purple)
  • PlanToys - 5 Color Veggie Set
  • Plant Therapy - Forest Friends Diffuser
  • Fat Brain - Tobbles Neo
Payments may be made in $1.00 increments. Please set the 'quantity' as the dollar amount you'd like to pay each time. Let me know if you have any questions! Sales Tax will be added at checkout for each payment where applicable.

The first $40.49(plus tax & shipping where applicable) paid toward this layaway is considered a nonrefundable deposit of 15%.

Current balance: $214.00


Layaway Start Date: 12/11/2019

Layaway End Date: 02/11/2020


Thank you for your interest in purchasing from Grassroots Baby! We get it, sometimes a baby carrier or other item just isn't in the budget. That's why we've introduced layaway! This is available on all in stock purchases over $50, with just 15% down. That's the purchase total, so you can use it on multiple items. If you want to save up for a bunch of cloth diapers, or just that super awesome baby carrier you've got your eye on, here's how layaway works:
1. Create an account. This can be found in the upper right hand corner of any page on a computer.
2. Fill your cart with everything you want to put on layaway.
3. Checkout using coupon code "LAYAWAY"
4. We will email you your remaining balance and a link to a layaway item named after you.
5. You make the rest of your payments to that item. There will be enough "inventory" of that item (rounded up to the nearest whole dollar) that when it says 'out of stock' you will be paid in full. Make as many individual payments as you want! You can even have friends or family help you with payments, just give them your item link and make sure they note in the comments section that they are making a payment for you, so we know that the payment wasn't an accident.
6. When your layaway is paid in full, we will ship your item or set up local delivery as determined by what you chose at checkout.
More details:
Tax will be charged on each payment made, if applicable. This is the best & easiest way to be sure we are staying legal here! We will update the layaway product description within 24 hours of each payment. The "inventory" of how much you have left to pay will update automatically to prevent you from overpaying. Please pay your layaway off within 90 days from date of your first payment. If you need to take longer to pay, shoot us an email and we can work out additional arrangements. Down payment on all layaway purchases is 15% of the original total price. Once a layaway is setup, items cannot be delivered separately; the entire order must be paid in full before shipping/pickup. Shipping will be charged on all layaway items requiring mailing - free shipping does not apply. Local pickup is always free and available.
Layaways that are canceled due to non payment (not paid in full, with no prior arrangements, in 90 days) will be credited via store credit, less the 15% down payment. The down payment is nonrefundable.