LumieWorld - LumiPets (Original)

$ 22.99

LumiPets® are the most technologically innovative, kid and parent loved childhood companion offered on the market today. With its changing lights and modes, LumiPets® offer all-day play, engaging color learning, and hours of endless fun!

Soothing Light: Nightlight offers a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages with 8 selectable colors.
Portable: Safe to be placed anywhere in or out of the house, even in the bed or taken on a camping trip!
Soft and Safe: Made from high quality non-toxic washable silicone + ABS material. It is soft, never gets too warm, and safe for babies and toddlers
Easy Control: Tap to control colors or use the optional remote to control brightness and sleep timer
Cordless: Battery-operated design supports use all night with built-in battery and micro USB port with up-right charging
  • Easy Tap Controls
  • Blink Mode to learn colors
  • Slow Flow Mode for a relaxed bedtime atmosphere
  • Pause on any color
  • Soft, Chew-safe Materials
  • 30, 60, 90 minute sleep timer
  • Brightness control
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • The LumiPet will last between 12-20 hours, depending on which mode is in use.