Oogiebear - 2 Pack

$ 19.99

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  • loop end for sticky boogers
  • scoop end for dried boogers
  • soft rubber coating is slip-free and gentle against skin
  • fun design prevents tool from being inserted too deeply
  • simple design makes every surface easy to clean
  • latex-, BPA and PVC free
  • more effective than aspirator bulbs, suction tubes, and saline sprays
  • great for use in little ears too!


What makes oogiebear different?

Aspirator bulbs sometimes work for wet boogers, but they’re not effective on the dry and sticky stuff. In fact, they often push the boogers further into the nose, making it harder to reach, and creating more discomfort for baby. Saline mist can also be effective, but who wants to spray a wet mist inside a sleeping baby’s nose in the middle of the night? If your baby is breathing easy and sleeping well…so are you!

So, what happens if the boogers can’t be sucked out? oogiebear to the rescue! oogiebear makes cleaning baby’s nose fun! Okay, maybe not fun, but it does work great! It’s just one scoop and you’re out! A gentler, safer, cleaner and more effective way to get the boogers out.