Plant Therapy - Ear Relief (Ear Ease) Blend

$ 9.99

Children are especially susceptible to discomfort and congestion in the ear. If you've ever cared for a child struggling with these issues, you know how miserable it can be. That's why Plant Therapy developed Ear Relief, an essential oil blend that is completely safe to use on adults and children ages 2 and up.

KidSafe Ear Relief contains congestion-clearing Rosalina, sanitizing Palmarosa and Tea Tree, and soothing Roman Chamomile and Lavender. Just a few drops of Ear Relief will help put a smile back on the sweet face of your little one.

Ingredients: Lavender, Rosalina, Tea Tree, Palmarosa, Chamomile Roman, Hemp Seed Carrier Oil.

Please check with your doctor first to make sure the eardrum is not perforated before using any drops in the ear. If there are tubes in the ear, please check with your doctor before use.

*Note that Ear Relief is the new labeling for Ear Ease. Our 10ml bottle may still come with the Ear Ease label.*