Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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It's almost Christmas! We are hosting our own popular Secret Santa Gift Exchange again this year! Please keep in mind that anything you order with the gift exchange item will not ship until the exchange gifts ship on or around 12/10, so additional items should be ordered separately.

What is it?

Everyone who purchases one of the products on this page will be entered into a Secret Santa drawing! You are buying a surprise gift for someone, and you will receive a surprise gift in return.

How does it work?

When you purchase one (or more) of the gifts below, we will match you with someone else who has also purchased a Secret Santa Gift! Gifts will be identified by order number, so after everyone starts receiving their gifts, we will post in our chat group (The Mud Room) for everyone to share their gifts and the order number that came with them! 

What's the Deadline?

This listing will be active until December 5th. Once the listing closes, we will package everyone's gifts up, and deliver them to the post office, or have them available to pick up in store.

How will I receive my gift?

If you would like to receive your gift via mail, please select a shipping option at checkout. We are closing the exchange a little earlier this year so we can get everything to the post office & UPS more quickly! While we hope that this means all the gifts will arrive in time, we cannot guarantee that they arrive before Christmas (that's up to the post office/UPS).

If you are able to pick your gift up in person, please select in store pickup at checkout. We will email you when your gift is ready to pick up! (expect that to be on or around 12/10/20).

Can I buy gifts for more than one person?

Absolutely! Purchase gifts for as many people as you'd like, help us spread the holiday cheer! <3

Can I buy something for a specific person?

If you'd like to send a gift to a specific person, we recommend sending them a GRB gift card! Your gift will be sent to the shipping address on your order, so if you’d like buy for someone other than yourself, you can put their shipping info in at checkout. (Please note that this would mean you would not personally receive a gift.)

Can I request types of products?

Yes! Add any color or product type preferences or things you'd like to avoid in the notes section. Please be sure to include ANY allergy information, even if we already have it noted in your account.

Remember, this is a gift for YOU, and children’s items will not be included  

Why are there different gift values? Which value will I receive?

We understand that not everyone has the same Christmas budget! There will be three tiers for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange: $25, $50, & $75 gifts. You will receive a gift valued at the same (or higher) value that you purchased. The number of items you will receive will vary. All gifts will be valued at equal the gift amount or a little more, as chosen by GRB staff.

What if I don't want to receive a gift (I just want to give randomly)?

You're a rockstar! Please use the following shipping information at checkout, and we will randomly select an active Mud Room member to receive your gift.

Anonymous Gift
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