Tea Drops - Sweet Peppermint

$ 13.99


A fuller bodied Peppermint tea experience that's refreshing to the sense with a kick of genuine spearmint. Naturally caffeine free, this is the perfect anytime tea - morning, day, or night.

Some sediment at the bottom of your cup is expected and drinkable. Lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic dried spearmint leaves, organic dried peppermint leaves, organic peppermint oil

No Additives - No Artificial Flavorings - Sweetened With a Teaspoon of Organic Cane Sugar

Tea Notes: minty, vanilla (the good kind), soft.

Caffeine Level: Caffeine Free

Nutrition Facts: Calories: 25

Total Carb: 4g

Sugars: 4g

Iron: 2%